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Meet Kari


My name is Kari. I am a 32 year old who learns about a new career every week and regularly looks at how I can go to school to become that thing. Right now I am stuck on looking into becoming a soil biologist or a registered intuitive eating dietician. Random? Yes! Weird? Also yes!

When I am not researching crazy new ideas, I am a teacher, a momma, a wife, a chicken lady, an artist, a gardener, a crocheter, an avid reader and your average introvert.

This is me and my husband, Alex. We are pretty much still this level of weird and awesome. We have been together since 2009.

This is my family. I have 3 daughters, aged 5, 4, and 1. We also a some chickens, a werid dog named Milo, and a whole bunch of farm animals on a little farm with our best friends. One day, we are going to move on the farm with them and I am going to get a miniature donkey and a miniature dairy cow.

This is Milo. We got him when he was one as a foster dog. Lots of families wanted him but he had really bad anxiety so he kept coming back to us. Finally, we decided just to keep him. We have had him for 8 years and he is a wonderful dog who sleeps likes this, doesn't like our kids, and likes to sneak onto the bed when he thinks we aren't looking.

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